bone expanding ‧Misss.WU‧About 40 years

案例分類:#bone expanding


Surgery process:

Extract the left upper 1st teeth maxillary area and after wound healing. Placed 2 dental implants in the right 3rd and left upper 1st maxillary area. During surgery, defective and thin bone was founded. Using expanding tools and filled with bone powder and recovery membrane in the affected area.



1、Panoramic view before surgery   2、View of oral cavity before surgery


3、Bone of labial side was founded too thin


4、Expand the bone by using expanding instruments prevent of more bone loss 


5、Ti-one101 implant grafting    6、The shadow fo the implant was visible due to thin bone of the inverted concave area   


7、Making up with bone powder and membrane in the inverted concave area of labial sid   8.Wound sutured


9、Wound sutured   10、CT scan image after surgery   11、Panoramic view after surgery   12、Panoramic view after mounting the final prosthesis