bone loss reconstruction

案例分類:#bone loss reconstruction

1、Panoramic view before surgery   2、View of the maxillary occlusal surface before surgery  3、The flap was elevated at surgical area  

4、A hole at labial side was founded while elevating


5、Drilling  6、Expanding Drilling   7、Guide pin was placed for measurement   8、Measuring parallelism by using guide pin


9、TIONE 101 dental implant   10、TIONE 101 dental implant graftin   11、The implant was placed to the desirable position by using implant R/H adapter

 12、Finish of drilling


13、Bone grafting was performed on the hole of labial side   14、Bone grafting was performed on the cavity of labial side   15、Wound sutured   16、Panoramic view after surgery


17、Ready to mount after several months   18、Healing screw was mounted   19、Radiation view of the periapical after mounting healing screws  

20、Ready to mount abutment 7~14 days later


21、Angled abutments were mounted   22、Radiation view after mounting angled abutments   23、The final prosthesis was mounted   24、Radiation view after mounting the final prosthesis