Multidentate implantation‧Mr.Cheng‧About 60 years

案例分類:#Multidentate implantation

 Surgery process:

Extract the teeth with periodontal disease (right lower 5th) and placed 4 dental implants in the positions of right lower 5th, 6th, 7th and left lower 6th maxillary area. 


1、Panoramic view before surgery   2、CT scan evaluation before surgery 3、Scaling before surgery4、Local anesthesia


5、The tooth with periodontitis was extracted   6、Extraction of tooth #45   7、Tooth #45 after extraction   8、Incision


9、Expanding Drilling   10、Finish drilling   11、Placed Ti-one101 dental implant   12、The implant was placed to the right position by using implant R/H adapter


13、The cover screw was mounted following the grafting of the implant   14、Bone grafting was performed   15、Barrier membrane was also placed   16、Panoramic view after surgery


17、S-1 abutments were connected through the torque force of 30~35N   18、S-1 abutment product package   19、Impression copings were mounted onto S-1 abutments   20、Abutment analogs were mounted into impression copings.


21、Temporary caps were mounted onto S-1 abutments 22、Panoramic view sfter mounted the S1 Abutment